Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 64 - Second-to-Last Build Day

We got to sleep in until 8:00 this morning, rest that was welcome after our late night at prom. After waking up and having a sparse breakfast, we were bused to the build site to begin work. There were a lot of jobs to do. Some people worked inside installed appliances and light fixtures while others worked outside on building a fence. I was a part of the fence crew. 

The whole morning, Cassie, Lacy, Mike, Chris, Curtis, and I framed the fence. We had an awesome system going and the site supervisor called us the "Dream Tram" so we proudly accepted the name and used it as much as we could. When we had framed the fence, we helped the other crews put on pickets. When we were done, we stained the fence and it looked gorgeous:

Looks progressional!

Tomorrow, we start a 13 day stretch of biking. It is going to be mentally and physical challenging but, after our awful stretch in Oklahoma and Texas, I think we can handle anything. Please keep us in your prayers as we try and get through our last long stretch of the summer!

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