Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day 52 - Shredding!!!!!!

Girl power!! We love the U.S.A!

With gravel crunching beneath my tires, I sped along a bike path going about 25 miles an hour. I breathed deep, filling my lungs with thin mountain air and focused on the path ahead, the beautiful scenery blurred as I pedaled hard. I listened to my gears turn and I felt my bike grab the  path underneath me as I pulled up and pushed down on the crank of my bike in a cylic motion that utilized all the muscles in my legs. The noise of the Rio Grande nearby, crashing over rocks, was drowned out my the sound of my wheels spinning and the wind rushing past my ears. I felt at peace. It was easy to concentrate on the here and now and to forget all other things on my mind. It was a great morning for a solo ride. The wind was at my back and the path was downhill. 

The gravel road was a refreshing change from the asphalt we usually ride on. The path was made up of a finely crushed limestone which was easy to ride on but it also caused me to keep my mind on my bike and maintaining control of it, especially when the gravel was deeper in some places. I concentrated on the feel of my wheels turning in the gravel and on the pressure of my hands holding the hoods of my handlebars. 

I rode alone for 20 miles, just taking the
morning to reflect and clear my mind. On the team, we are always surrounded by 27 people so it is refreshing to get some alone time on the bike. At mile 20, there was a snack stand set up for us by Whole Foods so I sat and enjoyed some muffins and oranges with my team. Apparently, Lance Armstrong who lives nearby in Aspen had ordered some meat from that Whole Foods so we were joking  about what we might say to him if we saw him. 

I got back on the road with a big group of girls. It was Kat, Nyx, Amanda, Kendra, Sarah, and me all riding together. I love riding in a group of all women. It is so empowering! We were so happy and the scenery was so beautiful that we started singing songs together at the top of our lungs. The bike path was all downhill so we barely had to pedal as we sang and said hello to everyone we passed on the path. They must have thought we were all insane (which I guess we are!)

All my favorite ladies!

It was a very easy ride! It was literally downhill the entire way. I don't think I've ever bike an easier 60 miles ever!! Our legs enjoyed the rest and all of us had in on such an enjoyable day! We didn't get to see Lance, but we heard that he was mean anyways. Now, whenever we see a male cyclist, we yell, "Lance???" just in case. We are a wacky group but I love everyone here!

Build day tomorrow! It will be fun!

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