Saturday, July 6, 2013

Day 45 - More Building

We got a good start on the second floor today. Hopefully, we'll finish it tomorrow and at to start raising the walls!!! I'll try to take more pictures tomorrow! The family we're working for us so grateful. They never stop saving thank you and go out of their way to individually thank every one of us. I am so happy that they are getting a house!

My fried Kat got asked to the Bike and build prom today. We are planning to have a fun prom when we get to Idaho and every boy has picked a girl out of a hat. There are also two girls acting as guys so that the numbers are even. All the girls are getting antsy waiting for the guys to ask them. Eliza started off the proposals by setting up an awesome scavenger hunt for Kat and then surprising her at the trailer! It was really funny! Hopefully the other proposals will get rolling soon! That's all I have!

Sunset in Colorado Springs 

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