Saturday, July 6, 2013

Day 46 - Wall Raising and the Braden's

"Thunk! Thunk! Thunk! Thunk!"

That is basically what it sounds like on the build site every day as 28 of us wield hammers and drive in nail after nail into the Klein family's future home. We are all getting pretty good at hammering by now so, naturally, games have arisen. We had a competition over who could sink in a nail with the least amount of swings. Ethan was crowned the hammer king after he sunk a nail with a single hammer strike. I called it beginner's luck... until he did it five more times. He's definitely he champ. 

Today, we finished flooring the second floor and then worked on framing it. Walls were raised with a shout of excitement: "Byah!!!!" Then they were nailed to the floor with the enthusiasm of 10 hyperactive woodpeckers.

Part of the team, raising a wall... Byah!

Other riders worked on wrapping and roofing a garage out back while others framed the first floor of the building. This is my first time working on a two story Habitat home and it is very interesting to be up on the scaffolding pounding in nails and raising walls 10 feet above the group. 

 Amanda showing off her drilling skillz

The hours flew by today! Before we knew it, we were piling in the van to go to the showers. The hot tub in the spa was not working today so instead, Eliza, Emma, Rachel, and I went to check out the indoor water park. I kid you not, the water slides we rode on were the most intense water slides I have ever been on. They were so fast that you hydroplaned across the water after exiting the slides. We felt like children as we excitedly got out of the pool and ran back up the stairs to go down the slide again and again. 

The night was made perfect by the Braden's. They are the relatives of my family's friends and they just so happen I live just outside of Colorado Springs. When they heard we were coming through, they contacted us and offered to have us over for dinner. We didn't have dinner provided tonight so we gladly accepted the offer. 

As we shuttled to the Braden's house, the rain that had been falling stopped and the biggest rainbow I have ever seen spanned across the side. It was so bright that we could see the spot in the side where it started! There was no pot of gold at the end though. We drove through the Garden of the Gods on the way there which was so gorgeous especially with a rainbow in the sky. Everyone in the van had their faces pressed against the windows with their mouths gaped open. 

Double rainbow!

When we arrived at the Braden's, we could barely believe our eyes. Their house was absolutely incredible and they had the best view from their back porch that I had ever seen. Mountains rose up all around us and the city lay in a valley down below. Everyone was in awe of the view and just so excited to be inside of a house. 

View from the back porch!

The Braden's were so hospitable and we enjoyed sharing stories with them and feasting on lasagna. We finished off the night by watching the Tour de France. It was a perfect day and we could t thank the Braden's enough for welcoming us into their home!!! More building tomorrow, the house is really starting to look like a house!

The team, sooooo happy!!!

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