Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 62 - The Simple Things

As the days of our trip wind down, we have been spending a lot of time reflecting on our trip: the things we've learned, the connections we've made, and the places we've seen. After over 60 days on the road together, everything feels familiar, like pulling on your favorite old t-shirt. You easily clip your cleats into your pedals and the cyclic movement of your feet and legs is like second nature. You pull casually up a small rise in the road without breaking your cadence. You chat idylly with the rider next to you while holding your bike in a straight line. You recognize every noise your bike makes, and understand when something is wrong or out of place just by the different click it makes or the way your pedal strokes feel. Even your saddle, worn in by over 3,000 miles of riding, fits your butt like a glove. Everything is familiar. Everybody is comfortable.

One might think that this familiarity might make us take things for granted. But it's really the opposite. We appreciate everything more now that we're 62 days into the trip. We now know every little quirk about each other, the good and the bad, and we love each other for our differences. The simple things in life, on the road, are a big part of what makes trip so awesome. A big shade tree on the side of the road to take a nap under. When the showers have pressure and stay warm. A dance party in the morning to get psyched for a ride. Surprise peach rings at lunch. This is Bike and Build. 

We don't carry very much in our bins and bags. We don't need much to function. This summer, we have all learned to not only appreciate the things that we are blessed with but to celebrate them! This trip is a celebration of service, our country, and the human spirit. 

Rae snoozing in her hammock. 

Today was an average 75 mile ride into our third-to-last state!

Laini and Cindy celebrating the border crossing!

I rode with Austin, Dan, Kevin, and Rae. We rode hard for a while and then slowed down to chat. It was hot but nothing like what we'd encountered in Texas. Austin and I took a break to nap under a beautiful tree in a yard that Amanda found.


We rolled in on terrain that made me nostalgic for my bike routes in Indiana: smooth, flat roads surrounded by fields. If I didn't look at the mountains on the horizon, I could have been fooled that I was riding in the Cover Indiana, a tour that I participate in every May. It was refreshing to feel back in my element. 

We are sleeping outside again to tonight at the Burley, ID Fairgrounds. There is a rodeo arena and we have been watching kids barrel race their horses and chase cows around. It is a gorgeous night. Brian and I hung some hammocks and we're swinging and talking. 

Tomorrow is Prom and everyone is really excited and getting their costumes together. Travis and I are going as lumberjacks and it's going to be awesome. It's only a 35 mile day tomorrow so it shall be epic!!! I'll be sure to take lots of prom pics! Thanks for reading!

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