Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 50 - Purple Mountains Majesty

I awoke this morning to the riding sun and the chirping of the birds. I looked over and saw some of my favorite people still curled up in their sleeping bags underneath the picnic shelter that we slept under. It was a short day, only 54 miles to Twin Lakes, so we it got sleep in until 6. Today was rumored to be one of our most beautiful rides so we were excited to get going. 

The mountains did not disappoint. We climbed up Trout Creek Pass first thing and took a lot of pictures! I taught Kat, Amanda, and Ethan how to do the "flag" on a pole so we all took pictures posing on the summit sign. 

Watch out! It's windy!

We pedaled for a while on level ground and then began to descend into Bueno Vista. Rock formations flew past us and mountains surrounded us as we leaned into turns and tucked into aerodynamic positions to gain more speed. It was yet another amazing day in our new favorite state. 

We had a great lunch in Bueno Vista. Our leader, JD, has connections with the Habitat in that city so they hooked us up with some Subway and pulled pork sandwiches. We sat under the shade in a lovely park and rested, chowing down on chips and humus. I headed to a bike shop a block away because my bottom bracket had started acting up and I had a part to replace it. The guys at the bike shop installed it for free! After that, Black Beauty is riding like a dream yet again, my trusty steed!

After Bueno Vista, we cruised parallel to the Collegiate Peaks, a range of mountains named after prestigious universities. Ethan had worked around the area before and could point out every peak and name it. The scenery was gorgeous. Kat and I took tons of pictures but none do Colorado any justice. We wish we could take pictures with our eyes!!

Nyx and Ethan chatting while cruising 

In no time, we rode into Twin Lakes which seemed like a place out of a fairy tale. We pulled up along the lake and the sight took my breath away. A pristine lake framed by towering mountains lay quietly in a valley. We stopped alongside the road and thanked God for having the opportunity to visit such a beautiful place. 

I wish I could capture the magic of this place in a picture!

When we got into town, the first thing we did was go for a swim! The water was freezing but the view was so amazing from the lake that it was worth it. 

"Hurry up and take the picture! We're freezing here!!!"

Twin Lakes is a tiny town but full of beauty and personality! I hope I get to visit here again. Tomorrow, we climb Independence Pass, a daunting 12,000+ foot mountain, and descend into Aspen. I wish we didn't have to leave Twin Lakes yet but Independence Pass will be epic!!!

Part of the team during a meeting

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