Monday, July 8, 2013

Day 47 - The Safety Santa War...

Not much to report today, just the same thing we have been doing the last week. We got pretty far on the house today and tomorrow we are going to get a crane in order to get the roof trusses up which will be exciting. I've never worked with a crane before!

The guys who work here on a daily basis have adopted a "safety Santa," which is a dilapidated Christmas decoration that is placed somewhere on the build site to always remind us to be cautious. There is a rift between the people working on the big house versus the people working on the garage. So naturally, a war has broken out between the two groups and it circulates around safety Santa. The first day, Santa was put inside a port-a-potty to try and scare people and it definitely was pretty startling. Then, the house crew wired him to the scaffolding. The garage crew quickly formed a plan to get Santa back and sent a few people up there to take him down by force. House crew won him back and nailed him to the house, high up on a 2x4. 

Lacy posing in front of the rigged up Santa

Of course, it wasn't long before garage crew stole him back using Marcus as a spy. Santa is currently about 10 feet in the air on a 2x4 on the garage and house crew is plotting to get him back! 

Last day of building tomorrow! Then we're back on the road to Hartsel, CO. 

Morning light reflecting off our trailer 

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