Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day 42 - Colorado Springs Build Day #1

After riding more than 2,200 miles to get here, we are finally in Colorado Springs, the city of our week-long blitz build. Our group has collectively raised $150,000 for Bike and Build's mission and $55,000 of that money goes directly to Pike's Peak Habitat for Humanity to sponsor the house we are building this week. It's awesome to be here and Colorado Springs feels like home to us. The blitz build seems as though it was one of the main purposes for our route to exist so it is a very important week for us all. We will build an entire house! 

We met the Kleine family, the people who will be living in this house, and they are amazing people. They have four children and could not be more exited to earn their own Habitat house for their children to grow up in. They're especially excited for each child to have their own room, a luxury they don't have in their current situation. I am so glad we are able to help them!

Today, we framed walls and set up the scaffolding around the building. Another group worked on the garage in the backyard. The sound of hammers echoed throughout the structure all day. Kat, Amanda, Cassie, Travis, and I worked on the scaffolding which took long because we had to level each platform. It was a great day and we got a lot of work down. Kat and I were so happy that we danced on the scaffolding together and admired the purple mountains in the background. It's crazy to think that some people have that view everyday!

After building, Mom and Abby picked me up and we went out to dinner. Then we went to the store and shopped for a little while. We ran into a few of my teammates at the store which was pretty funny. We just can't get away from each other!

Another build day tomorrow! Sorry I didn't post last night, I fell asleep!

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