Monday, July 1, 2013

Day 41 - Mom and Abby Visit!

After a short 57 mile ride today, I was welcomed to the host site by my mom and little sister, Abby!!!! They flew all the way from Chicago to come see me and I was so excited to see them! There is nothing like getting off your bike and running into the arms of your family! Everyone on the team gave them a warm welcome and Mom and Abby definitely got a good taste of Bike and Build culture tonight. They got to come to dinner and see how much food we eat after a riding day. I got to go back to the hotel they're staying at and take a nap in a real bed!!!! I haven't been in a bed since Georgia so that was a real treat!

The team is always excited to see parents because we all miss our families. When Sarah's parents visited, she instructed them, "Everyone here misses their parents so they will probably try and hug you. They probably smell bad, but just go with it." I gave Mom and Abby the same advice. 

The bike ride was pretty uneventful. I could barely focus on the scenery around me because I was so pumped to know I would be seeing Abby and Mom that night. Colorado Springs is the biggest city we have been to in a while and we forgot what sprawling suburbia looks like. We'll have a lot of time this week to explore it because we have a blitz build with Pike's Peak Habitat for Humanity and we will be here all week!

Mom and Abby are staying at a hotel nearby and will probably come on site sometime this week to build with us! We will probably also go check out the Garden of the Gods and other Colorado Springs tourist destinations. They are here until the 3rd. I am so happy!!!

Well, that's all I have! Goodnight all!


  1. So happy your able to see your family!!! Enjoy this week "off", & have fun exploring...Colorado Springs is one of my favorite cities of all time!

  2. What a happy picture! Very glad they could surprise you. And the advice was very funny!! Have fun building and visiting the Springs.

    Love, Aunt Cathy