Sunday, July 14, 2013

Day 53 - Build Day in Silt

We had a build day in Silt, Colorado. They were prepared for our group: they broke us up into 5 different groups assigned different jobs. I worked with Rachael, JD, Austin, and Ethan. We were framing the second story of the house, which means building and raising the walls. I love framing because I like seeing the house in the beginning stages, just a skeleton of what it will be. They had a few nail guns which we used instead of hammers. Definitely more efficient! 

We had lot of fun joking around while working. We kept singing " Higher" really obnoxiously because Austin is a big fan of Creed (and pretty much no one else.) I'm sure the supervisor wanted to push us off the roof but it was pretty funny. Also, Chris proposed to Hawa for prom! 

The Habitat houses in Silt are the most unique ones I've seen. They were duplexes, two houses built on one lot and the architecture was very different than most other Habitat houses. I should have taken a picture but I forgot to. Also, the houses were Leed Platinum certified, which means they are almost entirely sustainable in their energy usage! That's incredible! We got to meet a few families in the community and they were all excited about our trip. It was definitely a cool build day! 

48 miles to Meeker, CO tomorrow. There have been so many short rides recently! Hopefully, we'll be prepared for the 109 mile day from Meeker to Provo, UT in a few days!

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