Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 61 - Sweeping it Up with Kat

Beautiful Utah morning

Kat and I were on sweep duty today. We waited for the pack to leave and then took off just cruising at a slow pace and chatting. The roads were flat and the traffic was nonexistent. It was a very peaceful ride. The winds were calm and the weather was cool. 

We rolled up to lunch in no time. It was at mile 26, one of the earliest lunch we have ever had I think. We stopped at some kind of engineering facility where they design or manufacture rockets. Of course, we had to take some pictures with the rockets. 

The entire team was still at lunch when Kat and I rolled in, which doesn't often happen. We spent a lot of time talking to everyone and goofing off while waiting for everyone to eat their fill and continue on. 

Travis and his awesome, crisp tan lines. In my opinion, they are the best on the team. 

Kat almost got murdered by a falling cooler while she was filling up her camelback from the trailer. The cooler avalanche resulted in one fatality, the polenta leftovers from last night. It had smashed all over the ground and looked pretty gross. Ethan pretended that he puked and posed for a picture. 


After lunch, it wasn't long before Kat and I got a text from Cindy that her tire had blown out and she needed a new one. Even though it stunk for Cindy that her tire was ruined, Kat and I were kind of excited because we were necessary! There's a lot of days when sweep doesn't directly help anyone. 

We came upon Cindy sitting on the side of the road with her bike. We stopped and gave her the spare tire we were carrying and chatted while she changed it. Her old tire had a big hole in it where it had shredded.

Cindy happily changing her tire

After the tire was replaced, Condy continued on her way and Kat and I finished up the 54 mile ride with no other incidents. We got into town and had milkshakes and burgers at Mollie's Cafe, a little cowboy diner in Snowville. It really hit the spot after a hot day!

We are sleeping outside gain tonight in a pavilion in the park. A few of us have our thermarests set out in a big field for optimal star-gazing positions. They should be beautiful tonight. The slack line is set up and I actually walked all the way across it tonight! I guess my balance is improving! Now, we're ready for s'mores and a game of ultimate frisbee! 75 mile day tomorrow! It will be our first longer mileage day in a while!

Our next three cities!

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  1. You sound soooo good!! I am happy and proud of you, but am definitely looking forward to seeing you back home. Life is full of more adventures so don't bum out too bad about your trip coming to an end. These are your friends for life now!! xxxxoooo mom