Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day 63 - Prom Hype!!

The group of us making a pit stop in Eden, ID

The air was filled with excitement when we woke up this morning. There was a lot to get pumped about! It was Emma's 22nd birthday, we only had 35 miles to ride, and tonight was the night of prom! We were allowed to sleep in until 7 due to our short mileage so everyone was energized and ready to go! Music blasted loudly and we sang and danced as we took down the tents/hammocks we slept in and packed up our bins. It was a gorgeous morning and everyone had a smile on. 

We got on the road and it was wonderful. A day that is as short as 35 miles means no stress because you have plenty of time to get in no matter what pace you go. The wind was calm and the road was flat, we have finally ventured out of the mountains and I am enjoying the long straight roads with few slight rises. It reminds me of my bike routes near Purdue in Indiana. 

View of the Snake River at a scenic overlook

We got into the host site early and immediately started working on the finishing touches on our prom costumes. That is, until we got a group text from JD saying that he was shuttling people to discounted zip line tours. I definitely jumped on that train. Kat, Kendra, Emma, Melanie, Josh, Austin, Nyx, and I all got to go zip lining and it was incredible. Kat was a little anxious at first, but by the last line, she was jumping off the platform with confidence and spinning upside down all while still screaming. It was awesome!!

Me, upside down of course!

Next came the main attraction of the night, prom! All couples had to dress in a theme so here are some highlights of the night:

Hawa and Chris (Chawa) as Pooh Bear and Christopher Robin

Brian and Sarah as Adam and Eve

Cindy and Austin as Rose and Jack from Titanic

Marcus won best costume as Lady Gaga. How horrifying! :)

Prom was a blast! It beat all of the proms I went to in high school combined. We sang and danced the night away. We voted for superlatives such as "Best Air Guitar," "Best Prom Proposal," "Best Dance Moves," and of course prom king and queen which turned out to be King Rachel and Queen Emma. Those two went to prom together due to the uneven amount of guys and gals on the trip. They dressed as a bride and groom!

We couldn't have asked for a better night. We had the dance in a gazebo next to the Snake River in a beautiful canyon. There was even a waterfall in the background!! Tomorrow is our second-to-last build day and then we are gearing up for a long 13 day stretch of biking!

My date, Travis, and me as lumber Jack and Jill

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