Saturday, March 9, 2013

Meet my Support Team!

As of right now, I have raised $3,542 total. That's only about $1,00 short of my goal: $4,500. With about 2 and a half months until my trip starts (whoa, time flies!), I have plenty of time to raise the rest before the deadline which is the day that the trip starts (May 22nd). Thank you so much to everyone who has donated!!! There was such an amazing response from my friends and family and I feel so loved and supported (and grateful!) Here is a list of my "team," the people who have supported me thus far:

(In order of donation date)
Marcus Thompson, Stephen Shirley, Alex Rouse, Sarah Mattox, Leanne and Chris Talbert, Lynne and Bill Luehrs, Tom and Michelle Kozloski, Dellanina family, Benson family, Mazanek family, Skowera family, Diebel family, Schafer family, Roshan Alex, Britt Simmerman, Liberty family, Fusilero family, Parisi family, Novotny family, Atwood family, Grandpa and Grandma, Tumberger family, Kapcheck family, Tim Liberty, Clifford family, Kreb family, Brucchi family, Gallus family, Kristina Throne, Joe Gambino, Lauren Johnson, Liz Deal, Tixier family, Hammersley family, Fairburn family, Scala family, Ritchie family, Handrich family, Sandel family, Maclure Cooperative House, Dix family, Mikel Whicher, Wiley family, Brandt family, Perrone family, Cushing family, Joan and Chuck Hemauer, Cassie Phegley, Nuelle family, Ward family, and Steve Yaninek.

While I'll be the one on the bike this summer, these people are truly and heart and soul of Bike and Build. Without them, the organization would not be able to accomplish its core cause, which is to fund programs that provide low-income families and people with affordable housing. Thanks to all of you, someone in the United States will have a safe place to lay the foundation of his or her life.

You are all so amazing and so inspiring. Thank you for your support and look for your postcard in the mail this summer!