Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 48 - Raise Da Roof! Last Day of Building

It was another whirlwind of a day. We spent most of the morning putting another layer on our already roaring scaffolding in order to be able to put the roof trusses on. A few of us climbed up the scaffolding while others set up ladders on the second floor to work on the inside. A crane came to hoist the trusses up to the second floor. 

Meanwhile, the garage crew finished the garage and it looked really good! 

In other news, it was mustache Monday today so all the boys shaved their beards into really nasty looking mustaches. I figured out why we have themed days of the week: it's to help us remember what day of the week it is. You can never remember when all you do all day is either bike or build. 

The boys with their dirty mustaches

We had a ground blessing ceremony today for the Klein family, the people who are receiving the house that we are building. It was a very touching ceremony and the Kleins said some words about how much they appreciated Habitat and us. The whole week, Karen and Scott Klein were on the build site thanking us for everything we were doing. They said that we had reminded them of all the good that is in humanity and they couldn't get over the fact that we would donate our entire summer to help complete strangers. It was so sweet and it helped me reflect on the reasons that I chose to do a trip like this. The word "strangers" made me think because even though we have been working with people we don't know this summer, they really don't feel like strangers. We are all connected by our passion for others and our willingness to serve. 

We are over half way done with our trip. Tomorrow, we set off again 81 miles to Hartsel, CO. It is a little bittersweet leaving the Springs. We are all excited to see another town, but this is the first place that has really started to feel like home the entire summer. Plus, we're all going to be sad to not be able to shower at the spa we have been this week. Back to hose showers. 

Well I'm going to get some sleep! Wish me luck tomorrow, as I get back on the bike!



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