Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day 43 - Build Day #2

Colorado is quickly turning into our favorite state. It was a beautiful morning and we dressed in our "We Ride for Christina" t-shirts in honor of Christina Genco and piled in the van. We spent the morning finishing the woodwork in the house and then Mom and Abby came to help!

Abby and me on the build site

They helped hammer in some nails and wrap the house in waterproof sheeting. They really got the full Bike and Build experience during their visit! They were surprised at their ability to hammer in nails. They got to meet and talk to a lot I my teammates. Seeing the house being built really puts our trip and our mission into perspective. 

During lunch hour, Mom and Abby left to do some more site-seeing around Colorado Springs. We finished up wrapping the house and started to do work on building up the second story. Four o'clock came quickly and we wrapped up our work and headed to the showers. This week we're really spoiled and we're getting to shower at a spa. It's awesome because there is a hot tub and sauna and steam room. We feel like kings and queens.  

Later, Mom, Abby, Kat, Sarah, and I went to check out the Garden of the Gods. It was so beautiful and we took tons of pictures. 

Abby, Mom, and me

Sarah and me cracking up

Balancing by the balancing rock!

Tomorrow we have a day off for the Fourth of July and we are planning to be go to a place called Memorial Park where there will be a lake for us to swim in and fireworks to watch! It should be fun!

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  1. So funny to see your Mom and Abby in the pictures!!
    I love Colorado too. When we were there last summer, Dan and I could totally imagine living 6 months out there in retirement. We can see why "Hippies" stayed!

    Love, Aunt Cathy