Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day 11 - First State Line!!!

It was a very special day for The SC2SC crew. Today was the day of our very first state border crossing!!!!!! While we had grown pretty fond of South Carolina, we were too excited to see Georgia to be sad about leaving SC behind. We didn't cross the border until about 53 miles into our 63 mile day. When we finally got there, there was a celebration which included taking lots of pictures and dancing. 

Awww yeah!

Breakfast and lunch were interesting today because we had to throw a bunch of spoiled food away that we had been planning on eating. Some food we saved by eating around the moldy parts (including a slightly moldy quiche... How sketchy does that sound???) There was no milk for breakfast so most of us ended up combining cereal, frothy melted ice cream, and hot chocolate to make a delicious and nutritious meal:

Mmmmmm so tasty!

Lunch was a similar story. To get enough calories, Marcus started the idea of the spaghetti burger which most other riders found very unappetizing but eventually caved due to hunger and actually found quite delectable.

The original spaghetti burger (patent pending)

After lunch, we found a lake and jumped into the coldest water I had ever been in before. Needless to say, the jump was accompanied by screaming and furious splashing in order to get out of the water. But it was very refreshing especially because the day was so hot. 

So much road kill today. I saw the flattest deer ever on the road today. It must have been run over at least a thousand times. It was a pancake. Even the hooves were flat. It was so nasty I almost gagged. 

To end our day, we finally got the trailer painted!!!!!


Other side!!

We still have to paint the front but it's definitely a start!

I would like to talk about Christina Genco, the young woman we dedicated our trailer to; however, I will talk about her and the accident in a later post. I need more time to discuss it than what I can devote to it right now. 

That's all I have tonight. Easy day tomorrow, just 45 miles. Goodnight and God Bless!

Kat and I showing off our tan lines after showering. We found the medals and wanted to try them on!

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