Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 36 - We Love New Mexico!!!!

Just keep riding west!

After the last three days, the team was feeling pretty beat down by the wind, heat, and lack of scenery and ready to get the heck out of Texas. We couldn't handle the pan handle for any longer. This morning, although the winds were surprisingly calm at 5 this morning, the cross winds picked up as soon as we got on the road. For the first 40 miles, we had an imposing cross wind, although definitely not as strong as it was yesterday. We were riding around 14-15 mph which isn't fast but it was double the speed of what we could do yesterday. Finally, we hit the state line and celebrated!!

Eliza was so done with Texas that once she crossed the state line, she refused to cross back over into Texas even to just take a picture. She stayed on the New Mexico side for the photos. New Mexico really is the land of enchantment because only 5ish miles after we crossed e state line, the winds died down and even pushed us forward and the landscape changed into beautiful but sparse  mountains. It was exactly as I had pictured New Mexico to be!

Marcus, Eliza, Rae, and Cindy leading the pack across the state line

Marcus pedaling west, riding on a tail wind. Look at that mountain!

We were shredding so fast that we beat the van to second lunch and just decided to keep riding. We had food on us so that tided us over until we got to Des Moines but the biggest issue was that we were running out of water and there was nothing around for miles. We stopped at a random person's house to fill up with their backyard faucet. 

 Mmmm New Mexico water!

We cruised into town really early because we were riding fast plus we gained an hour coming through the Mountain time zone wormhole. Josh, Marcus, and I stopped at the only restaurant in town, a little Mexican diner. We chatted with some locals who were also involved in affordable housing organizations. We ate some delicious food which we needed after a 92 mile day and bought postcards. After we were finished, we went to pay our bill only to find out that the people sitting near us had paid it for us!!! What an amazing and kind thing to do! It definitely made our day even better!

Marcus and me at the diner

To top off the day, we had an icy hose shower with a beautiful backdrop waiting for us at the host. Tonight, dinner is not provided for us, so dinner crew is making stir fry which should be delicious. I am downstairs blogging with the sounds of snoring around me and the sounds of people chatting and Dan playing guitar upstairs. It was definitely a much-needed, perfect Bike and Build day! I am going to go join the party now. Thanks for reading and thank you for your prayers of tailwind!!! They really came through for us today!

Our hose shower against an amazing New Mexico backdrop

One more update! Sorry I couldn't publish last night, my phone had no service. But last night we walked to a big hill to watch the sunset and it was gorgeous. I'd love to return to New Mexico one day!!


  1. I have been reading for an hour, starting from the beginning to try to catch up on this adventure! Very pretty sunset picture. I have so many basic questions to ask you when you get home. You see beauty in everything. That is a heart that is peaceful and resting in God....Love your little grasshopper friend at the end of your blog! Have another beautiful day. I hope New Mexico holds up to the "enchantment" experience! Safe ride and God Bless......Aunt Cathy

  2. Elaina, This is Curtis's uncle. We love your blog and look forward to reading it every day. Your pictures are great too. We check the weather radar daily wherever you bike and builders are that day. We are happy you have made it into the Land of Enchantment and the conditions are better for all of you. It looks like you are already in Colorado which is amazing. You are all an inspiration to us. Tell Curtis we said hi and keep on pedaling.

    Ken and Susan Vincent

  3. There is nothing better than crossing a state line, gaining an hour, ditching Texas wind, and eating at that awesome Des Moines diner in the same day. Loved that ride!