Monday, June 3, 2013

Day 13 - Athens to Norcross

Sweepy sweepy sweep!! Today was my turn to be sweep rider. A sweep rider is a person who rides in the absolute back of the pack and carries extra tires, tubes, and a first aid kit just in case someone needs some assistance. There are two sweep riders assigned everyday. Today, my friend, Lacy, and I were the sweepers. 

Sweep is fun because you just get to chill out and stop a lot which gives you an excuse to take lots of pictures. There is no "crushing it" when you're a sweep rider. 

First, we took some pictures with some round bales. It is a Bike and Build tradition to climb as many of these as you can throughout the summer. It is surprisingly difficult to get on top of them, as Sarah found out:

Step one, have someone who's good at jumping on hay bales get up there first. Then, use their body as a handle. 

Step two, swing one leg over. 

Step three, swing the other leg over...
Perfect technique, Sarah!

Cheesin' it on top of the hay!

We had a 54 mile ride today through very hilly Georgia. Though the mileage was not long, the hills were tough and our legs were definitely feeling it. I followed Lacy up a hill and when we finally neared the top, she said, "Struggleville!" "For sure," I replied, panting. But once I reached to top, I really understood what she meant...

Struggleville, GA!

After we got through Struggleville, Lacy and I received a group text from Josh which warned, "Aggressive, three-legged dog at mile 28. Yeah, it has three legs, but still." Sure enough, there it was at mile 28, jowls dripping and leg stump quivering with a crazy look in its eye. It chased us up a hill but when we got to the top, there was an awesome antique shop to be explored. 

Josh on the cycle-mower. 

Lunch was donuts, pulled pork, and apples among other treats. Dinner was chicken fajitas (pronounced fa-gee-tas), brownies, and cookies. The cookies were so delicious. They had oatmeal, white chocolate chips, and cranberries in them. Mmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!

Tomorrow is 84 miles to Rome, GA. Wish us luck!
Happy Mustache Monday!

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