Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 29 - Henryetta to Oklahoma City

A beautiful Oklahoma morning

We were still pretty tuckered out after yesterday's century when we woke up this morning, but we had another long 92 mile day ahead of us. Luckily, we were treated to an amazing breakfast by our hosts and everyone was in a positive mood from the get go. It was a cooler morning. The temperature was perfect and the wind was calm. We rode silently, one by one, just enjoying the morning air. Horses grazed together in dewy fields and I saw a spider spinning a web on a fence as I swiftly passed by.

Stopping to stretch around mile 15

First lunch was at mile 31. We got there pretty quickly and regrouped after chowing down on dinner leftovers and biscuits from this morning. Everyone was having a good ride, though most of us were sore from the 106 mile day we had yesterday. The hills in eastern Oklahoma are every present as we "shredded" about the countryside, as my friend Dan likes to say. 

We passed through a town called "Jacktown" today so shout-out to my dad! I love you and wish you were riding with us!!!

After lunch, I set off with Emma, Cindy, Lacy, and Rae. We organized a pace line and took turns pulling. I've never really ridden in a group of just women and it was pretty awesome and empowering. I was not feeling the greatest since mile 60 so it was nice to have them there pushing me onward. 

11 miles from our destination, we DMed some slushies from Sonic and sat there for a while talking before finishing the ride. It was awesome to see the Oklahoma City skyline. Our host is really close to the downtown so we went out tonight to grab some refreshments in the city. 

View from the host. 

We are here now for two nights because we see building for two days. It will be a good time to recover from all the biking we've been doing. Plus, we're excited to be able to make a difference in a place so affected by tornadoes this spring. Well, time for bed, wake up call at 7 tomorrow!! We get to sleep in!!!

The dream team! Rae, Emma, me, Cindy, and Lacy!


  1. Was Jacktown Jackmazing? Wow the miles are flying by. Looks like you are enjoying every one of them. Stay safe!

  2. Remember your basketball dream team??? Lindsay, you Emily. Grace Anne, Katie. . . That was fun - good times. You are making some memorable times now. Keep going, honey. XXXOOOmom