Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 38 - Day Off in Trinidad, CO

Today was our third day off out of a total of four we had this summer. It was a gorgeous morning. I woke up around 8 am after a sound sleep and went for a short run. I was a little nervous that the altitude might affect me, but it didn't seem to have any adverse effects on me as I jogged around the neighborhood. I spoke briefly with a maintenance worker and he was nervous about a small fire up on a mountain sparked by the lightning last night. I looked toward the peak of the mountain and saw a small plume of smoke rising. It would be scary to have to worry about wildfires where you live!

After my run, a bunch of my teammates wanted to go out to breakfast so I joined them and we walked downtown to a local cafe. I had the French toast and it was great! Trinidad is an awesome little town with a lot of western history! I really like the Old West and I liked to visit all the little shops and museums they had downtown. 

Then we walked back to the host site and swam in the pool for a while and relaxed. It is great to have nothing to do in particular! I wrote a bunch of postcards and then walked back downtown for dinner and to check out an art festival that was going on. It was a really great atmosphere!

Cowboy merchandise

Ice cream spaghetti made with vanilla ice cream "noodles," homemade red raspberry "marinara sauce," cookie "meatballs," and topped with white chocolate "Parmesan cheese."

We finished off the night with an intense game of volleyball! I love just hanging out with my teammates and enjoying be day together.

Tomorrow, we have an 88 mile ride into Walsenburg, CO. It should be a hilly one as we get into the foothills of the Rockies!  4:30 wake up call so I am getting to bed! Goodnight!

"Lizard King" art car at the art festival

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