Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 15 - Sweet Home Alabama! Rome to Scottsboro, AL

Tough, tough day today!! This morning, I woke up not feeling so hot but I decided I ride. I've got intense Bike and Build "FOMO" (fear of missing out) and did not want to miss anything cool that happened on the road just because of a stomach ache. I am so happy I decided to ride because it was an absolutely gorgeous morning. We climbed up some hills in the foothills of the Appalachians and cruised down the descents. It was another special day because we crossed over our second date border line into Alabama. 

Curtis and I at the state line!

And here is the picture of the day:
Welcome to Alabama. Roll tide!

After crossing the state line, we casually made our way to the base of a mountain when we did some serious climbing. The grade was pretty steep and we all fought and fought until we reached the top. Lunch was located tantalizing close at the top of the mountain so that was out motivation as we pedaled and panted. Also at the top was a waterfall and a beautiful river. 

We had to do a little hiking to get there! Bike shoes were not made for rough terrain as we found out. 

The beautiful scenery before the waterfall. 

The waterfall was amazing. We took turns jumped off this tall ledge into the water! It was really high up!! If it wasn't for the group counting off for me to jump "3-2-1!!!" I definitely could not have jumped! But I did it and then other people tried it too! The water was so refreshing and the jump was really exhilarating!

Who know Alabama had waterfalls? Well it also has mountains!! After leaving he waterfall, we climbed another mountain, one with a few switchbacks. It was one of the most difficult climbs I've ever done. Shout out to Marcus because without him figuratively (and at some points, literally) pushing me up that mountain, i would not have made it! The descents were soooo intense. There is nothing like navigating a switchback on your bicycle while flying downhill at 30-45 mph! 

The rest of the ride was tough because I felt sicker as the day went on. But Marcus helped me hammer out the remaining 30 miles and we arrived in Scottsboro along with a storm that poured down rain on us.

Tomorrow is a 70ish mile day to Decatur and then we get a day off!! Hopefully I feel better and can tackle the ride tomorrow. Thanks for reading! 

By the way, I will write a blogpost everyday, but sometimes I will not have the wifi or 3G to be able to publish it. If the blogpost of that day isn't up sometime that night, check back the next day because it is most likely due to to spotty service!! Thanks again for all the support and prayers!


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