Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 20 - Build Day and Max Visits!

This morning, I was scared half to death when I walked groggily to the bathroom only to find a life-size cut out of Elvis waiting for me, hiding in the shower. The prank definitely jump-started my day!

We just got done eating some ice cream for a bedtime snack provided by our lovely hosts at St. Luke's United Methodist Church in Tupelo!!! The hosts have all been so amazing. They keep saying that they love serving us because of our mission to serve people across the U.S. While that is our mission and it is the reason why we ride, sometimes we are so pampered at our host sites that it doesn't seem like we're doing enough!! Without our hosts and everything they provide: food, fellowship, and good conversation, we would not make it   halfway to Santa Cruz!

Today was awesome because my BFFL, Max, who's on the NC2SD route came down from Memphis on his day off to visit our route and build with us today! I was sooo excited to see him!

We had a great day cutting wood into workable pieces and then building the walls of an entire house. It is amazing how much work a large group of people can get done in a day! Soon, those walls will be raised and a house will take shape on the foundation that had been poured. A family will spend their life together there!

It was great having Max build with us today. My teammates peppered him with questions about the differences between his route and ours and we all traded funny stories from the road. He had to leave in the late afternoon in order to get back to Memphis to get ready for the riding he had to do tomorrow. 

Marcus, Max, and me

After work, we went to the hosts' friend's pool. It was awesome because today was so hot! We had some chicken fights and played King of the Hill with some rafts in the pool. There is never a dull moment on this trip!

Well, it's time for bed. 5:30 wake up call and 65 miles tomorrow. Not sure where we're going but I will find out tomorrow!

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