Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 10 - Greenville Build Day!

Build day today!!! I am so tired so this will not be a long post! We spent all day today putting "soffit" (aka foffit) and "fascia" on a Habitat house. These are two new words I added to my construction dictionary. To us, fascia sounded like the color fuchsia except more sparkly. Turns out that these things are plastic pieces similar to siding that go on the house to make it look pretty and put together. Here are some pics:

The soffit crew on the scaffolding

Sarah falling asleep at lunch. 

Dinner tonight was a home cooked meal at a Bike and Build alumni's parents' house. It was delicious! It was pretty weird to be in a house. 

After we got back to the gym we're sleeping in tonight, we played some intense knockout which turned into basketball which turned into volleyball which turned into keep the volleyball off the ground it doesn't matter how you do it and finally turned into soccer. I don't remember laughing so hard in my entire life. 

65 miles of hills tomorrow! My quads are ready!! Goodnight!

Shout out to my friend, Max, who climbed over 10,000 feet today on his route! That is intense! Check out his blog at! He is riding from Nags Head, NC to San Diego, CA this summer!

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