Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day 5 - Pinopolus to Sumter

South Carolina is a pretty cool state. When I pictured it before I got here, I figured it was all Spanish moss and houses with big white porches. It definitely has not let me down! It's a beautiful place although most of the roads we ride on are pretty busy.

Today was our first substantial ride. It was supposed to be 68 miles, which is long enough but it turned out to be nearly 80 miles after the entire group of us made a wrong turn. It wasn't too bad because we got to take some scenic backroads. 

We saw a sign on the main road that had an arrow pointing to "The Answer Place." We were too curious to pass it up so we took a detour to find it. Turned out to be a church. 

We got chased by a big dog today and I was terrified because I cannot stand dogs when I'm on a bike. Luckily I was riding with my friend, Amanda, who is the sweetest girl you could meet. When that dog started to chase, I was cowering and Amanda let out an uncharacteristic guttural, "NO!!!!" That dog put its tail between its legs and turned right back around. It was hilarious!

Lunch was delicious again. We had leftover pizza, fried chicken, mac and cheese, granola bars, peanut butter and jelly, and combinations of things we found in trailer. It's amazing what concoctions you can come up with when you're starving and your quads want food. 

Sarah and the lunch menu

We had an expectedly long ride after we all missed the turn but everyone had a good attitude about it. One girl had 8 flats! Eight!!!! I probably would have chucked my bike over a bridge at that point but she came in with a smile on her face. The culprit was bad rim tape on her wheels.

When we finally got into Sumter, we took a fountain bath. We got a few weird looks but we are now in "Bike and Build World" and it's hard to care what anyone else thinks about you. I ate a strawberry that fell into the dirt the other day. We took a nap in a strangers front yard. It is a different world out here.

Fountain bath

Here are some pictures from the build a few days ago:

That's all folks! Build day tomorrow! Check back tomorrow for updates!

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