Thursday, May 23, 2013

Day 2 - More Orientation

Today was awesome. I have to admit that yesterday was pretty overwhelming for me with all the new faces and all the information but today really helped put things back into perspective and everyone here already seems like family.

We started off with some ice breakers, "Ninja" to be specific. Here's a picture:

If you don't know how to play, you're missing out...

Next was the shake down ride which is basically some bike obstacle courses followed by a 20 mile ride around the neighborhood to make sure everyone knows how to work their bikes safely and properly. Everyone passed with flying colors even though there are many people new to biking on this ride. It's crazy to think that we'll all be headed across the country starting on Saturday!

During our shake down ride, we stopped half way at a beach to do our pseudo wheel dip. Traditionally, all Bike and Builders have two wheel dipping ceremonies during their summer: one when they dip the back tire of their bike into the Atlantic in the beginning of the summer and one when they dip the front tire of their bike into the Pacific at the end of the summer. Usually, the Atlantic wheel dip occurs the first day of riding but due to our starting location, today was the only day we'd truly get to dip our wheels into the ocean. A beach party followed.

Soooo much awesomeness happened in one day that it's hard to narrow it down. 

At night, we helped set up dinner for some of Charleston's homeless people followed by a delicious dinner for ourselves provided by Charleston Habitat for Humanity.

Later, we explored town in an attempt to find place that had the Blackhawks/Red Wings game on. Found a pizza place playing the game. Hawks lost :( My new "enemy," Brian, from Detroit is rubbing it in.

Tomorrow we have a build day with Charleston Habitat for Humanity and apparently the Reverend at the church we're staying in found us all tickets for the local baseball team, the Riverdogs. Little do the Riverdogs know, we're their new biggest fans. 

So excited to do some work tomorrow!!! Goodnight!

We love puppies!!!!

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