Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 6 - Sumter Build Day

Build day today!! It was the perfect day to work. We were all kind of sore from the long ride yesterday so today's build day was a welcome rest for our quads/hamstrings/butts. We were working on two houses today. Some people were cutting and painting shoe molding while the rest of us primed, sanded, and painted the interior of a house. Everyone in the group is such a hard worker!! It's awesome to be working next to so many amazing people. Everyone has a different story to tell. Here are some pictures from today:

It was a hot day but we got so much done!! We ended up spraying each other with water to stay cool. Lunch was Little Caesars Pizza. I had four pieces. I think my metabolism is already speeding up because I am constantly hungry!!

After we got back, we found this mysterious button on the wall and spent the next 10 minutes debating on whether or not to push it. We were all dying of laughter because we figured that it might cause the whole building to blow up and then next year's Bike and Builders wouldn't have any place to stay. Ethan, our leader, was blocking it from everyone because not knowing what it did was making him so anxious! Finally, a rider, Kevin, got the guts to push it. It rang a really loud bell and everyone was relieved. 

We have dinner at 6:30 so everyone has some free time. We haven't had barely any free time until now so everyone's wondering what to do with themselves. Me, I'm blogging from the back of the shower line:

Love from Sumter!

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