Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 3 - Chaleston Build Day!

Today was a Build Day so we worked with Charleston Habitat for Humanity to help make the finishing touches on a house. My group dug holes for fence posts and developed many blisters on our hands but it was worth it. Another group leveled out the group around the house. We got a lot of work done! There was a small pond behind the house where there was rumored to be an alligator. A neighbor pointed it out to us and we all pretended to see it even though I think all we saw was some sticks and mud that vaguely looked like an alligator. 

We got tickets to the local baseball team, the Riverdogs. They lost 12 to 2 but we cheered them on the whole way. I doubt they have ever had fans like us before. 

Marcus and Austin sporting some Riverdog war paint.

Sarah throwing a ball back to the pitcher.

We started a few chants, "when I say river, you say dogs! River! Dogs! River! Dogs!" Marcus googled all the players names so we were able to cheer for them personally. It was definitely a good team boding experience. Afterwards, there were fireworks:

I wish I had more pictures from the build site where we were working today but I didn't have my phone on me to take pictures. I'm waiting for Marcus to send them to me and then I'll post them so look for them in a later post.

Tomorrow is our first riding day. We are riding 35 miles to Moncks Corner! I can't wait to get on the bike! Goodnight and thanks for reading!

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