Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day 9 - Newberry to Greenville (72 miles)

Did you know that donkeys love Peach Rings? That is just another fun fact that emerged from today's ride as we passed through some of the most beautiful country I have ever seen. The weather was warm but overcast which was a welcome break from the hot sun that we've experienced over the past week.  We passed by golden wheat fields and rolling pastures dotted with farmhouses. As we coasted down a hill, with the beautiful countryside sprawled out for miles on either side of us, Brian, who was behind me shouted, in awe of the stunning landscape. I sat up on my bike and spread my arms wide trying to take in as much of the air as I could. What an incredible feeling it is to feel the pavement rolling underneath your bike and to feel the wind rush over your arms! I wish I had pictures but it would have been difficult to capture the moment. 

We traveled in a fast line and were all amazed at how quickly we covered ground. Lacy, Brian, Austin, Josh, and I took turns leading the group and breaking the wind. Soon we arrived at lunch and enjoyed our energy-rich food concoctions underneath the only shade we could find. 

Eating lunch in a shady spot. 

Granola bar PB&J

Today was a challenging 72ish mile ride through some tough hills. I love hills because they take a lot of strategy. Plus they build hulk-size muscles on your quads. We caught glimpses of theAppalachian  Mountains as we entered Greenville but I don't believe we'll be climbing any serious mountains until the Rockies. Still, they were exhilarating to see on the horizon!

At mile 50, we took a much needed fountain bath. 

Brian enjoying the water. 

Laini really enjoying the water. 

Laini accidentally jumped in with her phone in her pocket and went across the street to a restaurant to DM some rice to put it in to get the water out. As she entered this classy restaurant sopping wet, the restaurant manager beckoned her over. He pointed across the street and asked her, "Are you with them?" She turned around to see all the rest of us frolicking in the fountain like we were all insane. "Yes, yes I am." Then he gave her a bag of rice. 

Everyone was pooped upon arriving at the host. We all took showers and naps and recuperated on our thermarests on the gym floor. Later, our host treated us to dinner at the favorite lic restaurant, "Harvey's." I ate my first ever country fried steak. It was awesome and definitely full of energy (aka calories.)

Build day tomorrow! Our bodies will need a rest from riding so we are all pumped to be building tomorrow! It should be another wonderful Bike and Build day. 

Hawa posing in front of sleeping Dan. Creeper picture alert!

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