Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day 4 - First Day of Riding

We had a warm up 36 miles today from Charleston to Pinopolus. We were awoken by the sounds of Disney music playing. First the Lion King and then Mulan. We ate a delicious breakfast provided by Trinity United Methodist Church and were on our way!

We stopped at the beach for our "official" wheel dip but since the beach was small and surrounded by fencing, we just handed down a few bikes and posed for a picture. After that, we all took off in small groups at our own pace. 

Goodbye, Atlantic!!

The ride was pretty uneventful. The roads were traveled on were very busy and we stayed in one line the whole day. We're not allowed to ride "two abreast" until the leaders deem us ready due to safety. 

We stopped for lunch with about 12 miles to go. Our trailer contained fried chicken, pizza, and cookies from last might's dinner which we happily consumed. It was sooo good. Nothing like some cold fried chicken in the middle of a bike ride!

Laini with double pizza slices. 

The boys and their fried chicken. 

The host site for tonight is amazing!!! There is a lake and the food was amazing. The night ended with an incredible dinner, awesome fellowship with the people of Pinopolus, a Bike and Build presentation, some intense ultimate frisbee, and a night swim where we saw the most beautiful moonrise I've ever witnessed. I can't believe it's only Day 4. I feel like I've know all these people for months now. I can't wait to see what other adventures are in store for us tomorrow. We will be biking from Pinopolus to Sumter and will stay there an extra day to build. It's our first serious riding day 69 miles.

The group and a giant paper mâché dinosaur. 

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  1. Reading your's and the other's blogs makes me wanna do bike and build sooo bad. Glad you had such a good first day. God bless and good luck on the rest of the trip. ~Troy