Friday, May 17, 2013

Fundraising Completion, Cover Indiana, and LESS THAN A WEEK TO GO!

Hi! I have so much news to share because I am already such a bad blogger! First off, I have officially gone above and beyond my fundraising goal of $4,500. My generous friends and family have donated a total of $4,720 which is 105% of my goal! And the donations are still trickling in! Wow! I am so incredibly humbled by the generosity of everyone. Be sure to check your mailboxes this summer because you'll all be getting postcards!!!! Here's the rest of my team members this summer who have supported me: Fier family, Mark Sloss, Sheilds family, Spanier family, Reinemann family, Taylor family, Martin family, Michels family, Jason Meyer, Allen family, Grace Schmit, Tracey Luttrell, Miller family, Karen Switalski, Denis Luebke, Alan Clinton, Cole family, Styzek family, and Mary Ann Kattner.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I hope you all read this blog so you can come along for a virtual ride across the country. My goal is to post a picture and a short story every day so stay tuned! Orientation starts May 22nd and the first ride is May 25th!

NEXT! Cover Indiana 2013 was a success!!! I got approximately 320 miles of riding in last week across the beautiful Indiana countryside with about 85 equally beautiful people! Here are some pictures:

Got a flat..... ughhhh.

Purdue student riders

Jamile and I after climbing a hill!

My best friend, Max, and I with double tails!

AHHHHHH! This time next week, I will be at orientation and next Saturday I will be dipping my rear wheel in the Atlantic Ocean before heading to the Pacific! Eeeeeeeeee!!!! I am so unbelievably excited! Black Beauty is all tuned up and ready to go (she's in the shop tonight to get the water out of the bottom bracket from when Max and I rode in the flood... bad idea...) Dad and Meghan have offered to drive me to South Carolina and we'll make a pitstop to pick up Marcus from Lafayette. Dad wants to take a stop in Ashville, TN for the night and so we can take a bike ride! Should be fun!!!! I'll keep you updated.

Max started his route today from North Carolina to San Diego! Keep him in your prayers as he makes his way over the Appalachians! Bye for now!

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