Wednesday, January 9, 2013

First Ride of the Year

With the snow on the ground quickly melting, I headed out for my first ride of the year! All it took was 25 miles to let me know how out of shape I am. I had a slight headwind going out, which I was happy about because it means I get to fly home on the way back. I slowly climbed up Kerber Hill a couple times and raced down nearby Eagle Hill, which gave my burning quads a breather. I took it slow and just enjoyed the fresh air. It really feels like spring outside. Sadly, it's only January... :(

My mighty aluminum steed, Black Beauty, still rides like a dream. If you're wondering why my bike's name is Black Beauty, it's because that, as I kid, every bike I owned was named Black Beauty after the horse. I always wanted a horse but obviously Chicago is not a horse-friendly place. I guess in a kid's mind, a bike is the next closest thing. Sometimes I still pretend I'm riding the actual Black Beauty across the countryside. Maybe one day.....


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