Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 77 - 13 out of 13

We completed our last day of our 13 day stretch today. It was not a very physically challenging day, the road was flat and there was only a slight headwind. However, it was pretty mentally challenging. My body was tired after riding constantly for almost two weeks and I did not have much motivation to ride. I was a sweep rider today with Ethan. Due to some logistical issues this morning, we could not leave the starting point until about 11 even though most riders left by 8. 

The ride itself was fine. Ethan and I cranked it out, taking turns pulling each other for three miles. The miles went fast, we were eager to get to the host site in Davis. We stopped only once for lunch and rolled all the way through the rest of the ride. We passed lots of flooded rice fields. White cranes, startled by our approach, spread their wings and took off silently. A large flock of black birds also took off from the fields, temporarily blackening the sky. Killdeers made our presence known with a loud squawks. It was beautiful to watch them fly. 

We had a great dinner tonight and took a very pleasant hose shower. The community here is very friendly and we feel welcome. Tonight is the eve of my 21st birthday so we are probably going to go out and grab some drinks later. It should be a good time!

Cindy playing some soothing piano music while we relax inside the church

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